Reduce your water bills and also cool your home!

The suburban back yard

So the big brown lawn doesn’t appeal so much.  To be frank neither does the big green lawn with it’s ongoing mowing and trimming requirements.  Is there an alternative that produces a better and more livable outcome without being the expensive swimming pool option?

So what is the alternative

Well some thoughtful plant selections and a good sub-soil irrigation system can achieve miracles and deliver many benefits.

  • Structure to your yard by guiding visitors to that shady spot,
  • Funneling the prevailing breeze through your living space to keep your home cool,
  • Low water use with the appropriate native selections
  • Automated with a timer and moisture sensor so that you are only applying water when and if required
  • Some creativity to accommodate how you actually live.  Darts if that is your favorite pastime or even some grass for a Boccie

Hard surfaces apart from concrete consider…

Our hard surfaces can be a bit of a challenge however by shading and sensible design you can reduce the maintenance liability and provide more amenity that the current gentle reminder in the ribs that is provided each Saturday am with that delicate whisper in your ear, “go and mow the lawn…”

Cool your home

What to use?

Well ask around and look at the alternatives that are presented to you.  Natural products can readily be found that might compliment the native plantings river stone, gravel, decomposing granite, etc  You will need to think a bit more about the impact of, water and kids, for example but you have lots of options.  If you go to raised areas we can find lots of ideas with decking close to the ground surface in suitable materials and little or no maintenance required with some of the recycled plastic options look great and wear really well.

In a recent project in Townsville we had the need to call on the local experts to assist with these learning’s and I must say that their ability to help was exceptional and they have presented cool ideas that make sense for our specific project.

So I take my hat off to specifically Guy Denmead from Professional Pump Services  for the irrigation advice as well as Mark Woodmason from Project Plants for the advice on relevant natural plants to suit.



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