Family Needs. What to consider in a Renovation

So you have some angst about your family home and inspired by the Sunday night TV you decide to take on some “sensible”, modifications to improve your families home live-ability.

Well understanding our family needs might be a great place to start considering both the here and now but what does the foreseeable future look like also.

Pre-school children are rapidly changing their needs however they are still going to be under the family roof for a while whereas a high school student may already be planning their gap year and the word travel leaving behind some essentials for storage in mum and dad’s house.  Increasingly after this initial flush of freedom and international travel there is a realisation of the realities of maintaining a data plan and credit card involves some costs and that living independently is actually quite expensive.  These teenagers are tending to return to the family home and staying longer and longer whilst taking on the study and next steps of their lives.  The common experience is adult children living under the family roof well into their 20’s or even their 30’s!!  Does your current home design account for this and does it accommodate the inclusion of social lives, partners, entertainment, study and part time shift work?

Your family needs may well just be the relief from financial stress.  If you cannot enjoy an occasional luxury or a family holiday what are we doing this for?  So to extend the mortgage to keep up with the Kardashians may not actually assist our circumstances but there might be some sensible options that fit our budget and the surrounding market that we are a part of.  We have heard of the risks of over capitalisation (swimming pool, tennis court and large extension) when the suburb has no precedence of this price point, the reverse is also true that in Bondi Sydney a chain link wire fence might not endear us with the neighbours.  Perfectly suitable to keep Fluffy in the yard but not in-keeping with the neighbourhood which is a valid consideration.

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