Flood Repairs the next steps…

Flood repairs Managing your stress in the recovery. We have seen all of this before as flooding is not going to be a once in 100 year event.  It will happen again and our system of recovering from flooding disasters can be quite challenging.  Our mission is to reduce the unnecessary stress and cost as […]

3 Ways to Refresh and Renew Your Home This Year

After spending more time at home over the past two years, you could probably use a change of scenery — even if you’re not going on holiday, moving house, or undergoing a major home renovation anytime soon. And fortunately, refreshing and renewing your home is a lot easier than you’d think. In many cases, refreshing […]

Flood Repair Absent Owner – Case Study

flood repairs absent owner

  The Wedding Planner for your Home Renovation In a recent flood repair we found that our absent (Adelaide based) owner was getting a bit lost with the process of building repair.  This was just after the 2019 Townsville flood event during which  some 3000 homes were impacted (reference article). Our client engaged us to […]

Lessons from COVID Lockdown

refresh home renovation

Covid proof home renovation How we work and live in our homes has significantly changed over the past 2 years.  Some of this will be of huge benefit and some not so much.  Reduction in the common colds and Flu is a benefit.  More flexible working environments also has some benefits.  We can see these […]

With house prices surging will my house keep up with the Jones’s?

Capital City House Values are getting out of control! Property prices how high can they go! When I finished school the average house in my nearest Capital city (Brisbane) was about $60k From the census data in 2001 this number was still below $180k Forecasting into the future (don’t take this to the bank) and […]

Upgrade Time

I can see the signs My home’s appliances are telling me things have changed; whether it be hot water, cooking, air conditioning, fans or lights, everything electrical or electronic will at some stage need to be replaced. Where do you start? What do the Professionals do? It is no surprise the large scale property managers […]

Sometimes Less is More

Loving my life with less stuff So a house that works for the human actually delivers many benefits.  In the past there have been many activities that I felt that just had to be done and on reflection really did not add much to my quality of life:- The swimming pool…. Mowing an acre of […]

Reduce your water bills and also cool your home!

The suburban back yard So the big brown lawn doesn’t appeal so much.  To be frank neither does the big green lawn with it’s ongoing mowing and trimming requirements.  Is there an alternative that produces a better and more livable outcome without being the expensive swimming pool option? So what is the alternative Well some […]

Rubbing 2 sticks together, that is not cooking!!

Modern clean and functional Large family entertainer Modern living Taking in the view and function So the modern kitchen makeover what should we consider? Kitchen Renovation Appliances The movement towards making the kitchen the heart of the home, has meant surfaces, configurations, storage, appliances, technology and functionality are vastly different to the way your kitchen […]