Expert renovation knowledge trust the process

Expert renovation knowledge

Trust the Process with the Renovation Insider

So over the years of hundreds of examples perhaps we have leant a few tips and tricks about expert renovation.  Why not tap into this knowledge and be prepared for a great renovation that works for you?  A renovation that fits your budget and also meets the future needs of your home.

  • Using our expertise and years of knowledge
  • Speed date an expert.  Get the insider knowledge…
  • Start with a market assessment.  This might work for LA but when in Rome…
  • Building assessment of your structure.  These are some good bones….
  • Energy audit.  Stars?  What stars???
  • Searches for existing services and council requirements.  Protected vegetation zone….
  • Interior design evaluation.
  • Wotif for Renovations.  Aunt Maude said….
  • Needs analysis.  A new addition due you need…
  • Finance health check if needed.  Can we put some of your weekly payment to this reno with a better rate??
  • Then a review of what all this means with some expert review.  On the balance of our discussion these are the 2 immediate items to attend…
  • Stop umming and arring, help the suppliers help you

Taking this step by step process and talking with local experts can help you to navigate your path through to a great home reno.  Each step can be selected as it makes sense for your journey however to get through the pain barrier of compliance, regulation, doubt and second guessing there really is no more efficient path than booking a “Where do I start meeting” and getting the ball rolling.

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