Scope of work

What actually is a scope of works and how is this helpful.

Well it does make it perfectly clear who is responsible for what bits of your renovation.  For example a bathroom renovation is restricted to the walls and floors but excludes the ceiling.

Scope of works BEWARE of the variation!!

The scope should start with a pain English statement of what the outcome of the proposed renovations.  It is very helpful to understand up front rather than 3 months in when the skip bin is removed and there is some guessing who is responsible for mowing the overgrown lawn.

As industry insiders we know that not knowing exactly what you want becomes a real problem later on in your project. WHY?

When you explained to the builder what you wanted, did they understand that the same way? Can you prove that?

A small cost to ensure that there is less chance of an argument later on.

Also by investigating what you are trying to achieve sometimes great ideas are produced that save you a lot of money and get better outcomes.

There is also the V word in the industry, yep its Variations, some builders make more money from variations than from the build project, by increasing the quality of information you can reduce the chance of these.

As a service you can shop here to develop a scope of works for your project.

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