The Insurance Repair

The Insurance Repair Miss

We are often engaged by clients that are trying to understand the insurance process and are getting lost in the midst of their repair.  Now we all hope that we never need to have insurance and better yet we hope that we never have to claim on that insurance.  Unfortunately it does happen. 

When our home has been damaged and our feelings are on edge we would all hope to be treated with kindness and some straightforward steps to rectify your damage.  Far too often we are involved when an insurance repair will miss some key components of a repair.

Its a large country with some wild events

We have been involved in all types of insurable events:-

  • Flood,
  • Fire,
  • Cyclone,
  • Hail,
  • Accident,
  • Termite

Insurance Repair Miss

To be honest none of it really is much fun for the homeowner!  And yes the insurance company has a straightforward process but naturally this process is designed to favour one party and that is not the homeowner!  To state the obvious insurance companies are commercial entities that have to return a profit to their shareholders.

Some examples of  an insurance repair miss have included:-

  1. Demolition of unaffected areas leaving the homeowner without a functional laundry
  2. Work for a flood repair that was not going to include the timber deck that was submerged in “black” water
  3. Repair to a bathroom wall without addressing the adjoining bedroom floor damaged carpet
  4. Commencing rectification work without a thorough cleaning process to make the home sanitary and safe
  5. Rebuilding with the same method that was at risk of damage.  The homeowners may want an upgrade that can reduce their ongoing risk

Reduce your stress

Our experience says that nobody is going to do an insurance repair missing key components deliberately.  The trouble is that these issues often get overlooked in large scale events where everyone becomes a bit overwhelmed.  It is quite human to feel a bit overwhelmed when you are the only glazier in town and there are thousands of homes needing your attention.  The same stress goes for insurance assessors and the office team supporting the crew on the ground.  If this sounds like your experience then it is never too late to address your concerns.  Sometimes just good information can prevent your future issues if problems arise down the track.  Independent construction advice is available for those looking for support.

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