The 3 Things that deliver maximum Renovation value!

Wouldn’t that be a nice answer?  And yes it is available however your starting point is the fundamental consideration.

  1. Is your existing structure sound.
  2. Do your plans suit your life
  3. Does the finished outcome fit within the neighbourhood.

There are experts available to assist with each of these areas however beware of the asking your plumber about fashion input or other misfits with your advice.  Even within a room full of 20 Economists you will find on almost any topics varied opinions (in 20 economists you will get 20 opinions) so you still will be responsible for the advice you accept and outcomes that arise.  If that seems daunting the best and number one thing that you can do in every case will save you money and deliver a better outcome is to clearly define your problem and the resulting project becomes much smoother.  This starting point should start within your household and involve all participants from their perspective you might be pleasantly surprised (or not) that you all have some shared ideas that overlap and adding huge expanses of dedicated space for mum, dad, grandma, the kids and the cat is not actually necessary and that many spaces can be multi functional for a better outcome.  Actually being able to discuss homework with the kids whilst preparing a meal for example.

So then the 3 things to consider for everyone should look like:-

  1. Consider your structure.  What condition is it in now and what was the original intention of the structure;
  2. Consider your household budgetary constraints, how much disposable income is available to provide this swimming pool extension;
  3. What is the expectation in your neighbourhood.  The aim should be not either the most expensive house nor the cheapest house in your street.

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