With house prices surging will my house keep up with the Jones’s?

Capital City House Values are getting out of control!

Property prices how high can they go!

  • When I finished school the average house in my nearest Capital city (Brisbane) was about $60k
  • From the census data in 2001 this number was still below $180k
  • Forecasting into the future (don’t take this to the bank) and some industry analysists are talking about the Brisbane average house being in excess of $1.7 million dollars.
  • This is talking about a triple of home values over the next 11 years!!
  • So when thinking about your home renovation keep in mind we are likely in an expansive marketplace for the next while and some perspective will be required.

What can we do to at least keep pace this these skyrocketing prices?  If your house isn’t keeping pace with the Jones’s you may find that your family wealth is actually decreasing in comparative terms.  Why is that an issue?  Well just trying keeping up with those buggers next door.

Your house is often the largest asset and it pays to keep in mind what is happening with values in relation to your family plans.  Before buying that caravan and spending the inheritance travelling has this major asset, the family home, been working for you?

Regular Maintenance (Why our car but not the house??)

Boring I know but you wouldn’t head on a family excursion to the big banana without making sure your car’s service is up to date.  Why should this be different for your home that shelters you and your loved ones 365 days a year?

It is no wonder that major housing investors dispose of their housing on a regular cycle (7-9 years) before the upkeep of new properties becomes a major hassle.  Downtime with major works as the regular cost effective maintenance just isn’t done.  A stitch in time saves 11 or something……

Have you a maintenance plan keep your house up to speed?

The appliances are working and serviced ahead of their expected failure point?  We all experience that failure point usually 1 month after the warranty expires!

Inspections for termites and maintenance to keep these pests away

Before storm season have the gutters been cleared away

Ok so we aren’t going to do that!  So a REFRESH is next..

Now that there are 2 hot plates that work (Noodles and eggs perfect) then as Christmas is approaching you realise you need more capacity to prepare the family feast……

Now we save you some time and effort by maximising your $ and getting the most done for your limited renovation budget.  Larger scale renovation can be expensive if done in an unplanned and piecemeal way.  However if you pre-empt your major appliance end of life it is better to do it in an efficient way now before it really is an emergency on Christmas day.  If you keep your house up to speed you have less downtime and can enjoy more of the good times.

Lets get ahead of this predictable maintenance hassle and take back control so when you friendly real estate agent comes knocking with a cash buyer you are readily able to consider your options….


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