renovation issues what to avoid

Reno Limitations What to Avoid?

Hardware store approach

Renovation limitations what to avoid

With time at home either the holidays or Covid enforced we have all found a few parts of home that need:-

  • Maintenance, 
  • Don’t work for how we live today,
  • A grand plan to upgrade.

The hardware industry has certainly changed in recent years.  It was not long ago that convincing the other half to come shopping for hardware just could not even be imagined.  Now it is very common to see couples browsing the isles (fur baby in the trolley) while imagining how their home could look. 

No problem at all with this in principle however the hardware business is about selling …. Hardware!  Not really so much about does this work for your:-

  • Family now and future
  • Is this the best product or your available product
  • Will this work with my existing heritage home

Please don’t stop this research phase and browsing the internet or the physical store is part of the problem solving solution however it does need to have a common sense check to see if it fits your picture in the overall sense.

The pen is mightier than the sword

This is particularly true in the case of building work.  There are multitudes of compliance and regulation to meet as well as technical challenges to deliver great housing.  If a clear plan exists describing starting points then your hardware business will be excited to help.  Great starting documentation assists a suppliers to:-

  • Deliver what you want
  • Reduce their risk
  • Understand if the solution is their type of work

When presented with a clear Specification and a concept plan it is manna from heaven for a hardware supplier.   They can quickly answer product availability and volumes.  Then you can get to the discussion around the best rates for this specific project rather than just the shelf retail price $.  They know that you, the client, have done excellent work defining the problem and what is required to meet their needs.

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