Home Renovation Ideas Perfect for North Queensland

Renovation Tips for Tropics

Let’s face it – living in North Queensland is simply magical.  We are fortunate to have Summer conditions pretty much all year round.  However, North Queensland’s warm and very humid weather conditions present challenges for home owners.   Therefore, when it’s time to renovate our North Queensland home, many of our renovation ideas are based around improving climatic comfort.

This article provides a number of home renovation tips, which are all designed to lower living area temperatures and reducing humidity levels.   Let’s take a closer look at each of these helpful and very affordable renovation tips:

Window tinting for comfort

It’s only natural that North Queensland is blessed with lots of natural sunlight.   There are readily available films that will reduce the heat gain while allowing the continuous views of the tropical north.

Planting for Shade

So our surrounding vegetation can mimic the cooling effect of a tropical rainforest if we allow it.  Taller trees can produce a beautiful shady canopy and below becomes a haven from the heat.

Above the Impact of Big Rain

Without having to go to the highset Queenslander.  This style of housing has achieved iconic status, just being sufficiently elevated will help remain dry in the big rain events that can happen in the tropics.

A Broad Hat Keeps the Sun Off

Extending eaves by small margins really is not a big cost.  This can provides the first line of defence from heat entering the home.



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