Getting Informed

Gathering Information.  Lets be a bit more on point that 1 million google search results

Getting informed.  This is when you are empowered to make those sensible decisions. 

For example.  “Yep that wall can come down to expand your space because it isn’t load bearing.”

In more detail pieces to consider

Of all the available sources of information it pays to know where to look at the start of your Renovation journey.

  1. The local council should have some information on any approved structures as you address.  Often the lawn locker and cubby house are not registered with council but is your patio extension?
  2. We have some experience with local area knowledge and the ability to sort out the useful data for your home.  Comparable sales and suburb data are helpful for your feasibility considerations.
  3. You will have some history that is very useful to the use of your home now and potentially into the future.  Do you need a home that can accommodate the RV and dogs or are you more the study and work kind of home?

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Council Search for your "File View"

Here are some of the links to councils that we have worked with.  It may be a bit daunting at first but usually Councils will work with the home owner to find your information:-

  1. Brisbane City
  2. Townsville City
  3. Logan City
  4. Toowoomba Regional Council
  5. Mareeba Shire Council
  6. Tablelands Regional Council

Similar Reno next door

Council and the community will generally be comfortable with similar styles of construction and extension if there is a precedent in your area. Getting informed does mean it can be challenging to be the pioneer for ideas  If there are local examples then it tends to be easier to get approval and you have a precedent to follow.

If you have an extended history

If you have the knowledge of the suburb being developed you may have insight to areas that were swamp lands or that historically went under water.  Of course these things do change over time and we trust that modern developers and engineers do take these things into account however it is an key component of getting informed.