We professionally adapt your home including structural changes to make “impossible” feasible!

Where the task is going to be a longer journey including more complexity and cost, it makes sense for us to project manage to deliver you the professional level of savings.  Now we are talking about a Redo home renovation development.


We stand behind the statement that if we can’t substantially provide more value the our cost, we don’t want to be involved.  That’s even before you factor in the time your will save in your busy life.  An important factor that most clients don’t take into account is that having a defined scope of works is just as important as good plans, and we have a system to help develop a great solution.

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See if you qualify for a Government Grant as part of your renovation

There are some qualifications that may deem you eligible for some Government Grant funding and this is always changing.

In the past there have been supports for housing:-

  • modification for accessibility,
  • housing adaption for accessibility,
  • first home buyers, home renovations.

Subject to financial institution approvals.

Tired Property

So when this was built in the 1950’s this might have been an appropriate solution. However now high maintenance, stairs for access and an inability to condition the space make it hard to live in, or sell.

Broken Home

So the 5 adults sharing a 2 bedroom home is a broken solution. When they were kids certainly worked back in the 1950’s however times have changed and this current outcome is broken. This is the classic Redo home renovation development

Home Change

So the way we live has changed for a number of reasons. Family arriving, or leaving or a personal change of mobility are all reasons that might require a changed solution.

Home Profit

Making profit depends on many factors. Materials and labour is pretty simple to work out but the price that could be realized is dependent on many other factors including the suburb history, who the solution is aimed at and the allowable use of this location.

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Discover your Government Grant eligibility