Renovating Your Sanctuary

A Unique Approach to a Home Makeover Your home is your haven, a sanctuary where you unwind and create memories. At least, that’show it should feel. However, it may require

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Renovation for profit

Renovation for Profit

Renovations – We have a fixation with them Perhaps this isn’t a bad thing. There are lots of good reasons that we should update our home and renovation for profit

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container tiny home

Container Tiny Home

There are lots of sites talking about the benefits of Tiny Homes, off grid living and many other such examples with relatively few delivered examples. Today we investigate our container

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NDIS home modifications

NDIS the human benefits

NDIS Home Modifications Regularly we are called to assist with an existing home that just does not suit the resident. This week I visited participant X in one such situation.

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Burst Water Supply Risk!

Did you know that 22% of household insurance claims over time are for the failure of flexible hoses and the consequent water damage? We have spent years repairing damaged bathrooms,

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Flood Damage

Hodel Housing Flood Recovery

Housing Flood Recovery After the 2019 Townsville flood event we found that our Sydney based landlord was getting a bit lost with the process.  Their housing flood recovery was just

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The Insurance Repair

The Insurance Repair Miss We are often engaged by clients that are trying to understand the insurance process and are getting lost in the midst of their repair.  Now we

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Come and collaborate with us!

We are a collaborative business and recognise that our skills are complimented by awesome people around us.  These mentors include:-

  • Active master carpenters still working into their 80’s (Thanks Reg)
  • International Designers with worldly experience (Cheers Ronny)
  • My mum which is a great place to start (Love you)

Of course some mentors will come come and go from time to time but we appreciate that we have been impacted by some extraordinary people along the way and we remain open to more input as we develop our craft.

In each of our articles we aim to provide the most current and best practice results.  Over time this will change and for different clients and circumstances will with present different opinions still.    Best practice is a somewhat subjective response and can (is often) be debated with counter views.  We encourage this debate!!

If you have something to offer feel free to chip into the discussion with a view to improving housing outcomes for all Australians.  We will never say this is the perfect solution but we will argue that this is the best solution in the given circumstances.


We cannot deliver these blogs without your contributions so any topics or challenges will be most welcome.  It is likely we will have tried some of your ideas and will be happy to understand whatever it is you want to throw at us.

  • Container homes yep
  • Tiny House on Wheels done that
  • Insulated panel high performance why not?

Understand that we will also offer opinion and critique in return if only to test ideas and knowledge.  Don’t take this as anything other than a enduring curiosity about housing and how we can improve it.  If we ask questions it is a genuine attempt at understanding and further knowledge on our behalf.

If you have an idea you want to see covered then happy to address them here 

These discussions and platforms like this are exactly what our community/ society and industry need to make change.  All contributions and questions will be gratefully accepted and hopefully we can provide some input at least some entertainment as steadily chip our way to some awesome homes of the future designed to suit the humans they shelter.