What does your home need?

Refresh renovation

Is your house looking tired? Perhaps it needs a refresh? Whatever your requirements, we can help you determine the most effective way to give your house a fresh look. Together we can investigate the very latest in design trends and cost-effective updates that will update your home without a full-scale renovation.

Renew renovation

Renovation insiders are the home renovation experts. We can help you to re-purpose your home to suit how you live now and into the future rather than a design remaining stuck in the 1970’s group.

Redo renovation

Where the task is going to be a longer journey including more complexity and cost, it makes sense for us to project manage to deliver you the professional level of savings.

Home Renovation 4 Steps to save you stress

With Renovating how do I get started and avoid the usual Renovation Tax?


Introducing Renovation Insider

After spending more time at home during the pandemic, have you thought of what you might like to change?  Why not find out what is possible first for your home renovation? That’s Renovation Insider.

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Innovation House

Redo renovation

Renovation Gold!
Measure twice cut once!

With our extensive experience with home Renovations we understand that it pays to get it right the first time!

We have made the complex modifications for NDIS clients or just for good home accessibility and found that cost really add up if work has to be done a second time for any reason. 

Defective workmanship may be a clients worst nightmare but the reasons to redo work are varied and many, often nothing to do with a dodgy tradesman. 

From “little” items such as:-

“I cannot fit my furniture into this new space!”

To the real biggie:-

“I cannot access the bedroom with my wheelchair!!!”

Prior planning prevents poor performance

It really pays to consider all these items ahead of time and ensure that you are asking for the outcomes that really matter for you.

With sensible planning and good communication these challenges can be minimised.  Without good planning these items can become a nightmare.

Alternative contract arrangements that may sound like a good idea…..

The concept of a cost plus contract might seem appealing but there may be no negative consequence for work being redone for a builder or tradesman when perhaps some of these challenges could have been recognised ahead of time and avoided altogether.  In short we are trying to say that avoiding work being redone is going to save you time, stress and thousands of dollars.  Not even a tradesman who is still being paid for the work actually likes to redo a tiling job or wall construction when it becomes clear that it hasn’t solved the clients needs.

And that mistake has cost how much??

How much will it cost to fix if you get it wrong?

Easily 30 times as much experience tells us.

It is easy to save thousands of dollars and a low price audit will enable you to do it right the first time.


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You win with our 50 years of industry insight!

We all get attracted to the media and messaging for  a new home Renovation:-

  1. The hardware store subliminal message (sausage)
  2. The Instagram “Influencers”
  3. Architectural blog and “How to”

Well these services started out meaning well for sure.  Today we have lost that initial intent for home improvement and we are more into the message of consumption.