Working with your current house we meet you changing needs in your household’s next chapter.

Renovation insiders are the home renovation experts. When considering a renew home renovation it is more involved than a cosmetic tweak perhaps having a professional advocate to review your plans would make sense.


From experience we know that some guidance can save thousands of dollars and significant heartache. Some structural modifications are not to be attempted by the enthusiast.

Yet with some design input, good trade selection, purchasing form the right suppliers and your project can be a joy and deliver the changes that work for you now and into the future.

When there isn’t a high level of complexity this can often be left to your selected trades to deliver without the need for ongoing project management.

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Why renew your home?

Here are a few examples Renewing your property

Home Change

So the way we live has changed for a number of reasons. Family arriving, or leaving or a personal change of mobility are all reasons that might require a changed solution. This is often a Renew home renovation

Broken Home

So the 5 adults sharing a 2 bedroom home is a broken solution. When they were kids certainly worked back in the 1950’s however times have changed and this current outcome is broken. This is typical Redo renovation

Changing Family

Your family is living differently, I use the saying are the kids ever leaving home are my parents returning home? As Australians we are living differently and this is quite often very different to the reason for you house in the first place. This is often a Renew home renovation

home renovation refresh

Poor Performance

Your bathroom is not functioning the way you want it too, it might even be dangerous and is in desperate need of a redo. Wet areas often need more regular updates… This is your typical Refresh

Tired Property

So when this was built in the 1950’s this might have been an appropriate solution. However now high maintenance, stairs for access and an inability to condition the space make it hard to live in, or sell. This is the classic Renew home renovation

Home Profit

Making profit depends on many factors. Materials and labour is pretty simple to work out but the price that could be realized is dependent on many other factors including the suburb history, who the solution is aimed at and the allowable use of this location.

home renovation refresh

Upgrade Time

My home’s appliances are telling me things have changed, whether it be hot water, cooking, air conditioning, fans or lights, everything electrical or electronic will at some stage need to be replaced. Where do you start? Start with a Refresh renovation


Your home is just too big and maybe doesn’t suit the way you want to live in it. As of 2011, Australia had the largest homes in the domestic world, this Mcmansion concept was created by a time and need. This has since changed and you think your house might need to, as well.

home renovation refresh

Bit off more than you can chew

I brought the house with an idea of what I wanted to do but it all just got a bit hard. Classic Refresh renovation

Staying into the Twilight years

You are thinking about staying in your home as you get older, this changes the way you look at spaces and access to areas. This is a Renew home renovation

Buy it and flip it for profit?

What if I want to Buy and Flip? How do I make sure I’m spending my money well, and will get it back, plus some?

home renovation refresh

Spit and Polish to Sell

I’m thinking about selling, where do I start to ensure I spend well and get more for the home when I’m finished. This is the usual Refresh renovation

home renovation refresh

Power Bill Rage

If I wanted to save money on my power bill what would I do? This is a Refresh renovation

home renovation refresh


Your home is just tired and worn out, maintenance time is here. This is a Refresh renovation

The Growing Tribe

Or the opposite of the Mcmansion concept. Maybe you family has outgrown your home? This is a Renew home renovation

home renovation refresh


I’m just interested in reno’s and want to do something. This is a Refresh renovation

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