The 3 Things that deliver maximum Renovation value!

Wouldn’t that be a nice answer?  And yes it is available however your starting point is the fundamental consideration. Is your existing structure sound. Do your plans suit your life Does the finished outcome fit within the neighbourhood. There are experts available to assist with each of these areas however beware of the asking your […]

Expert renovation knowledge trust the process

Expert renovation knowledge Trust the Process with the Renovation Insider So over the years of hundreds of examples perhaps we have leant a few tips and tricks about expert renovation.  Why not tap into this knowledge and be prepared for a great renovation that works for you?  A renovation that fits your budget and also […]

Reduce Energy Consumption at Home | Tips to Reduce Power Bills

Reducing power consumption Reduce power bills So with lots of discussion in this space there are a few important bits to understand.  If we use energy we will need to pay for some energy.  If we don’t use energy then we don’t have to pay for energy.  Duh!  Reduce energy consumption is a key start. […]

Rubbing 2 sticks together, that is not cooking!!

Modern clean and functional Large family entertainer Modern living Taking in the view and function So the modern kitchen makeover what should we consider? Kitchen Renovation Appliances The movement towards making the kitchen the heart of the home, has meant surfaces, configurations, storage, appliances, technology and functionality are vastly different to the way your kitchen […]