Housing that works for us downsizing!

The next Chapter?  Downsizing house? We are interesting creatures really.  In childhood we start out completely dependent on our parents for all our care.  Children have this habit though of growing up and from small and adorable the progress to large and noisy teenagers.  Thankfully this teenage stage is not a permanent affliction.  Soon enough […]

The 3 Things that deliver maximum Renovation value!

Wouldn’t that be a nice answer?  And yes it is available however your starting point is the fundamental consideration. Is your existing structure sound. Do your plans suit your life Does the finished outcome fit within the neighbourhood. There are experts available to assist with each of these areas however beware of the asking your […]

Where do we start with a home renovation?

To start a home renovation typically what we do now is…….. Some of these conversations will be very familiar Where do I start my renovation? I would like to start a home renovation… Get some cool ideas from Google …”home renovation experts” and get inappropriate product with measurements in pounds, feet and inches Visit a heap […]

Reduce your water bills and also cool your home!

The suburban back yard So the big brown lawn doesn’t appeal so much.  To be frank neither does the big green lawn with it’s ongoing mowing and trimming requirements.  Is there an alternative that produces a better and more livable outcome without being the expensive swimming pool option? So what is the alternative Well some […]

Family Needs. What to consider in a Renovation

So you have some angst about your family home and inspired by the Sunday night TV you decide to take on some “sensible”, modifications to improve your families home live-ability. Well understanding our family needs might be a great place to start considering both the here and now but what does the foreseeable future look […]

Rubbing 2 sticks together, that is not cooking!!

Modern clean and functional Large family entertainer Modern living Taking in the view and function So the modern kitchen makeover what should we consider? Kitchen Renovation Appliances The movement towards making the kitchen the heart of the home, has meant surfaces, configurations, storage, appliances, technology and functionality are vastly different to the way your kitchen […]

Home Renovation Ideas Perfect for North Queensland

Renovation Tips for Tropics Let’s face it – living in North Queensland is simply magical.  We are fortunate to have Summer conditions pretty much all year round.  However, North Queensland’s warm and very humid weather conditions present challenges for home owners.   Therefore, when it’s time to renovate our North Queensland home, many of our renovation […]