container tiny home

Container Tiny Home

There are lots of sites talking about the benefits of Tiny Homes, off grid living and many other such examples with relatively few delivered examples. Today we investigate our container tiny home idea.

Here is one on a tropical island!

At Renovation Insider we often have customers approach for a very modest kitchen or bathroom upgrade through to the whole substantial extension. In this case our client wanted to go just that bit further.

Cost of Living?

Is this directly in relation to the current headlines about costs of living. Probably not, we have seen these topics of tiny house and off grid living for the last decade or so. A container tiny home can be made to be cost effective but it is not automatically the case.

Is it Cheaper

Well that is an interesting question because a container is relatively cheap however none of us really want just the container. Of course once we add these nice to have extras: –

  • Lights
  • Plumbing
  • Ac
  • Internet

It turns out that we then have to interact with utility providers and councils. There is a really efficient mechanism to empty your wallet along the way. Now these additional costs are intended as a contribution to the wider community. Yep, taxes!

Aside from taxes when we add in all those necessary items even a tiny home has lots of complexity and costs included in it. Our experience says that almost any building type can be delivered expensively and cheaply. Most of us have champagne taste with the beer budgets however with some consideration container building can provide a lot for little cost.

Building on an Island

Some lessons to be learned include. Reduce complexity if you can and no concrete is one simple example of simplifying the building process and reducing the costs.

So why build one?

Fun and innovation!! It doesn’t automatically cost less. We have to agree that they are a lot of fun and for some situations they certainly are a great response. Perhaps not for a permanent family of 4 but if you wanted an air bnb or alternate week option then this might just be the path for your next build.
These work for a number of reasons. A weekend getaway, a granny flat or just plain fun.

Lessons for the uninitiated

Yep lots of them. Low grade containers will not only be compromised structurally just consider what may have been stored in these spaces over their lifetime. International shipping does transport some heavy duty chemicals which the residues of which can still be impregnated in your new home!! We are starting to understand that the new car/ new home smell is actually likely harmful to you. Better to be safe than sorry in particular for a living space to make the time to understand the container providence before parting with your hard earned cash.

To investigate what this could mean for your off grid or tiny options then why not engage our local Renovation Insider to walk through your specific needs.

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