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Lessons from COVID Lockdown

Covid proof home renovation

How we work and live in our homes has significantly changed over the past 2 years.  Some of this will be of huge benefit and some not so much.  Reduction in the common colds and Flu is a benefit.  More flexible working environments also has some benefits.  We can see these changes in our daily lives in any combination of:-

  • Lockdown
  • Isolation
  • Zoom meetings
  • Essential workers
  • Personal space

Now how we interact with the whole world has changed.  Specifically in our homes have been impacted with all of us spending much more of our time here.  Have you found just a few bits at home that are not really suited to this “new” world?

Yep us too…..

From as simple as multiple people trying to work from the kitchen table, to our connections speed not being up to the task of simultaneous video meetings.

Some issues can be readily corrected via:-

  • a request to our internet provider (dreaming)
  • extra supplies of toilet paper

Whereas spaces for all of us to have private work/ study is not so easy to address.

Indoor environment

The impact of Conona virus will be with us forever (next few generations) and so will the societal changes.  We have been though significant changes like this before (black plague, spanish flu, TB to name a few) and each have resulted in new behaviour for all of us ongoing.

What can we do at our home level?  It is not like we are addressing a rat/ flea infestation as was the plague.  Initially we didn’t understand that Covid was airborne.  We now understand that it is. 

So managing our indoor air quality which has never been regulated.  Some car manufacturers have found recently that exhaust emissions are actually quite regulated, yet the indoor air environment is not. 

Maybe this hasn’t been an issue before now (some medical discussions around migraines, asthma, dermatitis, brain fog may be counter this statement) but we are now sure beyond any doubt that actively cleaning our indoor air is a really good idea.

Air purifiers

These products have been around for quite some time perhaps for a family with an asthmatic will be familiar with these devices.  There are variations however at a minimum we would suggest looking for:-

  1. Rates of air exchange
  2. HEPA filter
  3. Activated Charcoal

All manufacturers have a story to tell and this example is just one option for you to research.  Of course difficulties in supply chains etc may influence what you can actually provide in your home.

Philips 3000i Series Air Purifier

Regardless we would suggest that you take charge of your home space and make some of the easy changes that can quickly improve your covid proof home renovation.

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