Burst Water Supply Risk!

Did you know that 22% of household insurance claims over time are for the failure of flexible hoses and the consequent water damage?

We have spent years repairing damaged bathrooms, kitchen and homes flooded by these burst flexible hoses. Often residents are returning home to find their floors soaked from a burst hose that has been running for hours! It then means an insurance claim and extensive home disruption while repairs are completed. As a property owner if you went to your insurer and showed them a reduction in your property risk they will be interested in offering a reduced insurance premium.

Nobody wants the hassle of pointed fingers and blame after the event….

Often insurers and landlords will talk about the “necessary maintenance” of your property. Who even knew that this was a thing? When was the last time you conducted the regular inspection of such components as the flexible hoses? Given the nature of fixed structural elements and maintenance inspections these issues can fall into the insurance gaps. We all know that sinking feeling of “covered under this policy”, but not specifically your policy. Our friends at Top to Bottom Plumbing have written a great article on the “Insurance Cover?” question.

Dates and the Manufacturer Responsibility

Are you aware that flexible hoses typically have an expiry date after which the manufacturer does not guarantee their performance. Some of these dates are as little as 12 months! When was the last time you inspected your homes flexible hoses for kinks, corrosion or expiry dates? Most not likely that it has never been done. Here is some feedback from a local plumbing expert Chiswick Plumbing on the topic.

What if all of this was no longer necessary? There are steps that you can take to make sure your home is not going to be damaged by this particular risk again.

At Renovation Insider we feel that we have a responsibility to bring the latest ideas to the awareness of our clients so that you can rest easy knowing that you have the insiders knowledge and your home is the most protected that it can be.

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