Flood Repairs the next steps…

Flood repairs
Managing your stress in the recovery.

We have seen all of this before as flooding is not going to be a once in 100 year event.  It will happen again and our system of recovering from flooding disasters can be quite challenging.  Our mission is to reduce the unnecessary stress and cost as much as is possible.

Your home has been flooded and that is stress enough lets minimise the hassles in the path to recovery.

Book your initial meeting with a local expert to see how your stress can be reduced.

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Some of the terms that are a bit of industry jargon but comprehending these terms will really help you maximise your recovery.

Cash Settlements

Scope of Works

Understanding your General Insurance Code of Practice here

Get prepared before your claim

Your initial assessment

Initiate your insurance claim

Scope of the repair

Quote for repair

Stand your ground

Cash settlement??

Coronation drive water views
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