Flood Damage

Hodel Housing Flood Recovery

Housing Flood Recovery

After the 2019 Townsville flood event we found that our Sydney based landlord was getting a bit lost with the process.  Their housing flood recovery was just one of about 3000 homes were impacted (reference article).

Correct Scope

With our years of experience we were able to make sure that the insurance company allowed for everything.  This is known as a full scope of work.

Quantity Survey

Casting our eye over the site was helpful to determine the quantities of materials impacted.

Build Estimate

Next, we developed a build estimate that enabled the client to have a sense of what this repair “should” cost based on some accurate data.

Rounding up the tradesmen required

When there are widespread disaster events it is really common that there are distortions in the local marketplace.  As there was exceptional demand on both labour and suppliers.  In these messed up conditions it is important that you have an understanding of what it would usually cost for these materials and services.   Then when the quotes come back in we can make sense of what is going on.  Of course there may be a premium for some trades and services.  In some cases part of the strategy may be to change your building response if you cannot secure a specific trade!  Having a accurate data really helps to make sense of what is being offered in your builder’s quotes. 

This knowledge is power to then suggest or accept an alternative solution.

Happy remote customer

As a summary this client found that they were able to get their home repaired.  Not just to a minimum level that the insurer was suggesting but as a great best practice outcome. 


Improve property happy tenants and increased value winning all round!!!

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