NDIS home modifications

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NDIS Home Modifications

Regularly we are called to assist with an existing home that just does not suit the resident. This week I visited participant X in one such situation. This is a situation where the NDIS home modifications make a compelling positive story.

NDIA home modifications the human story

Participant X is an elderly lady living independently she has some needs in the home to account for her wheelchair and has asked if the bathroom can be adjusted. She has previously had some falls and her Occupational Therapist has asked us to investigate to see what changes can be made. The goal is that she can safely and independently get in and out of the shower and do her usual self care. At first glance this seems entirely reasonable.

Bathroom safe access and use

What are the issues

  • The existing bathroom entrance is extremely narrow to enter in a wheelchair.
  • The shower itself has a pivot door making access into the shower recess dependant on propping the door open with something while sliding from wheelchair into the shower
  • When leaving the shower the reverse process is made more challenging now that everything has been wet in the showering process. A little prayer uttered each time a successful shower has been completed without a slip or fall.

Pantry unable to safely reach in from my chair

In passing the client makes this modest request ….

Could we address this pantry? I struggle to reach in and have previously fallen in while trying to get out my condiments for a meal!’

participant X

It seems a reasonable request to me as well. Yes modifying these existing shelves seems like a sensible option.

The Future

Stay tuned as we develop this NDIS home modifications response. First with some planning. Then once approved the rebuilding of this bathroom for a safer ongoing home for participant X to thrive.

Contact us if your bathroom needs to be modified here. We can assist you on your journey.

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