NDIS home modelling

NDIS the human benefits – modelling a solution

You may recall our first visit to the site with our client and her bathroom issues. We have found that some NDIS home modelling is of huge benefit. For our vulnerable members of the community basic daily functions of having a shower really should be safe and accessible. When this is not the case we need to step in and help with some modifications. The prospect of a fall in the bathroom with all those hard surfaces can be terrifying! Imagine the willpower required to approach a shower if it is in the back of your mind the fall risk that you are facing.


What do we mean? Here we are talking about computer modelling in a 3D representation of your area. In this case a Bathroom. The beauty is we can now measure the changed dimensions of the space to consider: –

  • Does my wheelchair fit
  • How do i transition into the shower
  • Where are my grab rails

Naturally we also have to meet the construction code and good building practices. We are constantly amazed at the code compliant solutions we see that have missed the mark for a practical outcome

In this bathroom some of the better thinking has already been applied. For example the shower tap (mixer) is out of the shower spray so that you can adjust the water to the desired temperature without being immersed in hot or cold water while getting it right.

Modelling Review

Now we discuss with the client both these images and the model in 3D to confirm our understanding and see if the client likes this solution. This NDIS home modelling is a very small cost to do but allows any doubts to be clarified before we start demolishing the bathroom and making a bit of an expensive construction mess.

To investigate what this could mean for your tired bathroom then why not engage our local Renovation Insider to walk through your specific needs. Fixtures, additional trades, demolition (sounds fun) and through to a Refresh of your bathroom.

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