renovation advice from family

Renos with advice from family and friends

The family or friend advice

With time at home either the holidays or COIVID enforced we have all found a few parts of home that need:-

  • Maintenance, 
  • Don’t work for how we live today,
  • A grand plan to upgrade.

Family advice is often our go to for significant renovation works.  However often input from family and friends, who mean well, will have some limitations that you should be aware of.

Advice from loved ones

When family and friends are leaping forward it is great that they care for sure.  Before taking this input to the bank there are some filters that may need to be applied.  Renovation advice from family what could go wrong…

Do you have similar goals

Have you clearly outlined the problem that your renovation is trying to solve for you?  It does seem a bit obvious.  Just because Uncle John loves his wine a wine cellar may not be top of your renovation priorities.

Sure it would be useful if you both share similar goals.  If you have, or are planning on, a premium wine collection.  Perhaps this collection would benefit from climate controlled storage.  For my tastes wine usually comes in a cardboard box. I am just not that sophisticated!

Some things are still personal

Of course a second storey extension would be great to take in the city views but is that even remotely possible with your current mortgage.  With the matters of personal finance perhaps some clear objective professional input would be useful here.

Distraction and dilution

Naturally you do want the best for your family.  Be aware in the early days being dragged around a collection of supply stores is a great way to stall your project.  Your friends and family will provide their most valuable connections (those gems) but unless you are ready to speak to Aunt Flo about drapes perhaps you are both wasting each other’s time.  Aunt Flo will be keen to assist and she can be of greatest service when your needs are clearly identified.

If you are not ready to divulge your innermost thoughts and desires then be clear that now is not quite the time.

Hopefully with the friends and family they can be understanding that they are most welcome when you are suitably prepared.  There are some households where decisions can be made in isolation and that is also great if that works for you.  Perhaps there is a more common need to clarify decisions within your household first before consulting other family opinions.

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