victorian kitchen

The Evolution of the kitchen – Victorian times

Victorian Kitchen

Our series of stories understanding the evolution of our homes. Today we look at the Victorian period of time as this has some legacy that we can still see today.

This period of time might be loosely defined as the time between the mid 1800’s up to the first world war. If you consider that this time is “so long ago” that we couldn’t learn any lessons just watch our clip here. Have a think about our current kitchen design do you see any similarities now? Maybe we don’t have the butler and funny hats but there are similarities even today.

The advent of the middle class started some of our trends towards the storage of food. Limitations with plumbing meant that we didn’t really have multiple wet areas so typically the kitchen had an industrial scale sink that often doubled as the laundry. We understand that those victorians weren’t big fans of bathing at this time. It was an era where we carefully considered the separation of food areas from the rest of the home.

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Our kitchens were evolving at this time with separation of spaces and lots of servant power to prepare meals for the household of middle class stature. Some of this space and layout has endured and some of our employment practices have moved on. The Victorian Kitchen still leaves a legacy to be found in the modern kitchen today.

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