Renos with advice from family and friends

The family or friend advice With time at home either the holidays or COIVID enforced we have all found a few parts of home that need:- Maintenance,  Don’t work for how we live today, A grand plan to upgrade. Family advice is often our go to for significant renovation works.  However often input from family […]

Reno Limitations What to Avoid?

renovation issues what to avoid

Hardware store approach Renovation limitations what to avoid With time at home either the holidays or Covid enforced we have all found a few parts of home that need:- Maintenance,  Don’t work for how we live today, A grand plan to upgrade. The hardware industry has certainly changed in recent years.  It was not long […]

Power Bill Rage

If I wanted to save money on my power bill, what would I do? Home renovation power saving There has been rapid development in this space and now it is well within the capability of every householder to go off grid.  We have seen lots of examples (still more remote locations) where the cost for […]

The 3 Things that deliver maximum Renovation value!

Wouldn’t that be a nice answer?  And yes it is available however your starting point is the fundamental consideration. Is your existing structure sound. Do your plans suit your life Does the finished outcome fit within the neighbourhood. There are experts available to assist with each of these areas however beware of the asking your […]

Expert renovation knowledge trust the process

Expert renovation knowledge Trust the Process with the Renovation Insider So over the years of hundreds of examples perhaps we have leant a few tips and tricks about expert renovation.  Why not tap into this knowledge and be prepared for a great renovation that works for you?  A renovation that fits your budget and also […]

Where do we start with a home renovation?

To start a home renovation typically what we do now is…….. Some of these conversations will be very familiar Where do I start my renovation? I would like to start a home renovation… Get some cool ideas from Google …”home renovation experts” and get inappropriate product with measurements in pounds, feet and inches Visit a heap […]

Reduce Energy Consumption at Home | Tips to Reduce Power Bills

Reducing power consumption Reduce power bills So with lots of discussion in this space there are a few important bits to understand.  If we use energy we will need to pay for some energy.  If we don’t use energy then we don’t have to pay for energy.  Duh!  Reduce energy consumption is a key start. […]

Family Needs. What to consider in a Renovation

So you have some angst about your family home and inspired by the Sunday night TV you decide to take on some “sensible”, modifications to improve your families home live-ability. Well understanding our family needs might be a great place to start considering both the here and now but what does the foreseeable future look […]