Rubbing 2 sticks together, that is not cooking!!

So the modern kitchen makeover what should we consider?

Kitchen Renovation Appliances

The movement towards making the kitchen the heart of the home, has meant surfaces, configurations, storage, appliances, technology and functionality are vastly different to the way your kitchen was probably designed.  Our grandparents marveled at the release of the pressure cooker back in the 1950’s as a modern cooking revolution.  Today the integration of our appliances ie the fridge talking to the tv, yes seriously!  Appliances writing our shopping lists and even ordering our groceries for our preferred delivery time is available here and now.

So the answer is simple isn’t it, just get a new kitchen…  Not so fast there tiger!!  Over the years kitchens have become a highly specialized area with input from experts across the world (chefs, manufacturers, designers, scientists) agreeing on their version of must have items.  Perhaps first we need to consider what items are not negotiable.


You might start with dimension. 

For some it must have room for me and my tribe of teenagers to open every door and meander around in their forage for food…


For others perhaps there is an exclusion zone, a moat, an electrified fence or something similar to leave this space just for you, the proud home chef, and absolutely no visitors are going to be welcome.


Both perfectly reasonable responses but one will resonate more for you as opposed to another.


Now we move to the functions. 

Just the Basics

Well Vegemite on toast is about my limit so clean and basic is all I need.  A storage space (butlers pantry) for my appliances would be redundant, since I don’t own any and it is an expensive way to house a $15 toaster.

The pro Chef home entertainer

Perhaps you are they home chef type that still purchases a side of beef and utilizes a deep freezer, the doomsday prepper!  In which case to enter the well appointed pantry via the garage might make a lot of sense.  This should be the natural the first point of set down when returning to your tribe after a successful hunt similar to the lioness returning to her pride.


Then the finishes will give you a style that is consistent with your view of what a proper and complete home should look like.  These themes can range wildly (chic, homestead, rural, modern, futuristic) and again some great advice will enable the result achieving the minimalist modern look, rather than the accidental sterile morgue effect.

Then the actual consideration around what appliances make sense for your home need some thought.  With the evolution of the internet and every appliance now able to freely communicate (I kid you not) the ability for your fridge to add empty items to your shopping list is a minimum, think about hard wired data outlets.  Perhaps you should also consider the ability to manage the household power demand.  Are you trying to reduce your cost of living on a week by week basis then some thought about energy efficiency and peak power demand would be good advice as well to reduce your bills and reliance on that old school externally sourced coal fired power.

There is a lot to consider beyond the cabinets and benchtops, our kitchen is such a central part of the modern home.  Perhaps a expert that has some experience of these elements would be able to offer impartial advice before going straight to the local tradesman to see what they want to sell you.

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