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Our local expert comes to your house to do a physical site inspection.

Gathering as much information on this flood recovery of your home

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How do I repair this Flooded home?

Our local expert comes to your house to do a physical site inspection.  We have helped hundreds of flood affected Queenslanders with this process.

For those thinking about a insurance questions

Put your insurance claim to the front of the queue:-

  • Get an assessment of what might need attention.
  • What efforts have been made to protect the property before and since
  • What did you want to achieve in this repair

With a cloud based system this audit is easily shared with your insurer to inform your claim in a complete, informed and prompt manner.

We can also make both yourself and the insurer aware of any of the obvious compliance issues that may have become apparent since this home was originally build and how can you manage these issues such as:-

  • “Existing switchboard needs un upgrade or your existing appliances are at the end of life with more efficient low energy items what would that impact be?”
  • “The pool fence rules mean that this position does not work without eliminating all those established trees…..”

For those not thinking about an insurance claim

How do we minimise the current damage and get a home back asap?

Gathering as much information on this current chapter of your home will really help fill in the blanks so you can rebuild with confidence in your decision.

Future proof your place.  This solid understanding and research phase will assist to plan for the future.

Hopefully being fully informed can reduce the risk of nasty surprises down the track.

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