Get our insider knowledge with Rowan Blizzard


With decades of building experience Rowan has a wealth of product and material expertise to share.

Some career highlights include:-

  • Smarter Small Home build program with James Hardie
  • Community recovery from cyclone Larry
  • Townville floor recovery 2019
  • Resilient Home recovery Brisbane floods 2021



Insider knowledge with Rowan Blizzard

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Rowan grew up in small rural communities and was encouraged to question the status quo.  In a rural setting he developed very practical skills and a yearning for better practices.

Rowan moved into North Queensland in the early 1990’s and in his professional life was highly involved in the community first responses to cyclones Larry and then Yasi. In this time he developed the awareness of some of the impractical and remote systems that in effect rule our lives. Just his story around the humble banana is a clear illustration of what could be better.

While representing manufacturers and suppliers across the North Queensland region Rowan started to seek out like minded professionals.  The goal was to set about demonstrating and making changes for better housing outcomes. In this role Rowan was introduced to Darren and his forward thinking future housing to formulate the Innovation House framework. And the journey began…

In their most recent business venture this pair have established a not for profit housing business to take this experience and learning back to those most in need of housing outcomes.  Get the insider knowledge Rowan Blizzard




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