Where do we start with a home renovation?

To start a home renovation typically what we do now is……..

Some of these conversations will be very familiar

Where do I start my renovation?

I would like to start a home renovation…

  • Get some cool ideas from Google …”home renovation experts” and get inappropriate product with measurements in pounds, feet and inches
  • Visit a heap of display homes and get inspiration… Do you recall this conversation… “geeze luv stucco is a great idea that will be a timeless look….. ” but does that actually work in the CBD?
  • Visit a small renovation builder and see what he thinks….  “Mate it’s gonna cost you”, or  “I am willing to have a crack what’s your budget?”  What is unsaid in not so many words is that they, the “expert”, are learning on the job and guess who is paying for that learning along the way?
  • Visit a larger builder and find out…  “Hi little lady how about this beautiful plan we have here it is called the Adonis”……  “Can you sign here, I have a payment due on the Benz”….
  • Head off to a draftsman …  “Yes dear we have achieved 4 bedrooms I just didn’t think that my home entry would be through the laundry…….”
  • Head off to a Architect…. “wow you are correct these plans are beautiful how much is the budget to build as drawn???  Oh one million dollars and there is your invoice…. BUGGER!
  • Go and see your bank…  “Hi Mr and Mrs 573665, we don’t understand granny flats so why don’t you purchase an investor unit in Noosa?”…
  • Travel around to all the appliance suppliers, Tile shops, and buy a good deal….  “These are great what do does it mean when the edge is rectified”….

Each of these starting points mean well however they are each incentivised to show you their solution not a solution designed specifically for you.

If you could take advantage of over 50 years of combined high performance construction experience and just get the information as you need it!


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