New Kitchen Required for the Handyperson

DIY kitchen cabinets

We are fighting to reduce the costs of your renovation. For kitchens we understand that a major cost is the kitchen cabinetry. We have always been keen to demonstrate alternative […]

Burst Water Supply Risk!

Did you know that 22% of household insurance claims over time are for the failure of flexible hoses and the consequent water damage? We have spent years repairing damaged bathrooms, […]

Hodel Housing Flood Recovery

Flood Damage

Housing Flood Recovery After the 2019 Townsville flood event we found that our Sydney based landlord was getting a bit lost with the process.  Their housing flood recovery was just […]

The Evolution of our Kitchen

Early Kitchen Evolution

Let’s go back in time pre 1700’s The Early Kitchen Evolution Here the first signs of a “kitchen” came to be, with the fire! First Fires Throughout history wildlife across […]

Flood Repair Absent Owner – Case Study

flood repairs absent owner

  The Wedding Planner for your Home Renovation In a recent flood repair we found that our absent (Adelaide based) owner was getting a bit lost with the process of […]