Insider Sale Opportunity

With our Insider knowledge we have some savings for you!!! We have some Townsville connections that have stock left over from large scale commercial projects. In this case we have some plumbing supplies that may be of benefit for your home renovation. This means that you can make some great savings off the usual price […]

The Evolution of our Kitchen

Early Kitchen Evolution

Let’s go back in time pre 1700’s The Early Kitchen Evolution Here the first signs of a “kitchen” came to be, with the fire! First Fires Throughout history wildlife across the world have been able to use fire to their benefit in order to thrive and evolve.  Examples include birds of prey that take advantage […]

Flood Repair Absent Owner – Case Study

flood repairs absent owner

  The Wedding Planner for your Home Renovation In a recent flood repair we found that our absent (Adelaide based) owner was getting a bit lost with the process of building repair.  This was just after the 2019 Townsville flood event during which  some 3000 homes were impacted (reference article). Our client engaged us to […]